Laundry Services Dr. Phillips

The Laundry Room is your trusted residential and commercial laundry service in Dr. Phillips. We offer free pickup and delivery for wash & fold services and full-service laundromats. Let us make laundry a hassle-free experience for you! 

FREE Pickup and Delivery

All customers within our service areas can benefit from our free pickup and delivery services at no charge. If your zip code is not in our service area list, call us anyway because we might still be able to accommodate you. We do pickups from residences, apartments, and hotels.

Next-Day Returns

Need to have your laundry washed and folded the very next day? The Laundry Room is up for the job! Our Dr. Phillips laundry facility can process over a million pounds of laundry in one day and have all of them ready for pickup and delivery the very next day. If you need your laundry done asap, call The Laundry Room.

Flat Rate Pricing

We have a flat-rate pricing per pound and don’t charge additional fees for handling and folding. For walk-ins at our Dr. Phillips laundromat, prices start at $2.75 per two loads (20 pounds), while drop-off and wash-and-fold services start at $1.95 per pound. Book a pickup online to find out how much you’ll pay for your laundry.

Customizable Services

We are very flexible with our services, from pickup points to washing and folding. If you have a preferred detergent and fabric softener, you can include that in your order. We will even note if you have a specific washing and drying temperature for certain clothing pieces!

Reliable Drivers

Our friendly, trustworthy drivers can accommodate your unique requests and security instructions for pickup and delivery. Just let us know if you want us to pick up and drop off your laundry at the concierge and whether we need a gate code to enter your residence.

Full-Service Laundromat

Visit our full-service Dr. Phillips laundromat if you want to be hands-on and do your laundry. We have large machines that can wash eight loads at once — perfect for bed sheets, blankets, bath towels, and one month’s worth of dirty laundry.

Our Services

Same-Day Drop Off

Call us or drop off your clothes at our Dr. Phillips laundry facility before 11 am if you need an outfit washed and dried for an important event tomorrow. We’ll have it ready for delivery or pickup after 6 pm.

Commercial Laundry Services

We offer commercial laundry services in Dr. Phillips for health clubs, gyms, restaurants, spas, clinics, hospitals, hotels, and corporate clients. We customize our services to please your customers!

About Us

The Laundry Room is a full-service laundromat offering wash-and-fold laundry services in Dr. Phillips. Our state-of-the-art facility has high-efficiency washing machines, dryers, and a kid-friendly waiting area with free Wi-Fi.

We cater to the needs of individual customers, offering flexible options like “takeout” or “dine-in” Bring Your Own Laundry (BYOL) for our Dr. Phillips laundromat walk-ins. We also provide same-day drop-offs and customized washing, which you can manage on your customer profile.

Our commercial laundry services extend to hotels, restaurants, gyms, and other businesses needing reliable and consistent laundry professionals. 

You don’t have to look for a laundromat near you, we can come to you for pickups and drop-offs for free! Call The Laundry Room today.

Laundry Pick Up and Delivery

Why We Are Dr. Phillips’ Best Laundry Service

Customized Laundry Services

The level of customization that we offer to our customers is unparalleled. We give you the option to choose the detergent and fabric softener for your clothes, we follow special instructions like your preferred temperature for washing and drying, and our drivers are very accommodating of requests like picking up laundry from your doorstep or dropping them off with your hotel concierge. This is one of the reasons our Dr. Phillips laundry company is among the highest-rated in the area.

Free Delivery and Flat-Rate Prices

The Laundry Room offers FREE pickups and drop-offs to all customers (for a minimum 15-pound load). And as a full-service laundromat, we also have available machines and dryers for customers who want to do laundry on their own. So whether you avail of our wash-and-fold service or visit our laundromat, you can look forward to flat-rate prices by the pound. 

Contactless Pickup and Delivery

You don’t need to be there when our driver arrives to pick up or deliver your laundry. Instead, our drivers can drop off your freshly laundered and folded clothes at your home, office, or apartment lobby. Let us know your preference on your next pickup schedule, and we’ll take care of everything!

Flexible Payment Options and Reward Points

Customers can pay via debit or credit card; if you pay using The Laundry Room Loyalty App through Speed Queen, you can earn loyalty reward points that you can exchange for free credit and use on your next laundry run.

March 17, 2022