Laundry Services Forest City

We are the leading provider of wash and fold laundry services in Forest City for home and business owners. Our free pick and delivery solution make it easy to take laundry off your to-do list. Let us make laundry a stress-free experience for you!

Laundry Services Disney World

Wash and Fold Options

Spend your weekends relaxing, and let us do your laundry for you. Our wash-and-fold solutions clean your clothes your way. However, if you prefer to do your laundry yourself, you are always welcome at any of our Forest City laundry facilities.

Fair and Affordable Pricing

Whether you need to wash a few items or a massive load, our Forest City dry cleaning services come with the most affordable pricing in the area. Review our pricing for custom solutions.

Free Pick Up and Delivery

Our Forest City laundry services come with a pick-and-delivery option that we do for FREE. We can pick up your load anywhere. So, whether you are at home or staying at a hotel, our trusted drivers can come to you to get your laundry off your hands.

Same Day Drop Off

The Laundry Room’s same-day service gets your clothes washed and folded quickly. Just drop off your laundry at our Forest City dry cleaning location before 11 am, and we can have them ready after 6 pm that same day.

No Hidden Charges

The Laundry Room is very transparent with our pricing. We won’t charge you until the delivery is complete, and we will provide an itemized receipt following the delivery. We have no hidden charges, delivery fees, or service fees. There are no extra charges at all!

Online Booking and Payment

We are focused on providing the best possible experiences to our customers. For example, customers can book pickups and make payments online to make laundry even more convenient.

Our Services

Custom Laundry Solutions

Please tell us how you want your laundry done, and we will follow your directions. You can even choose what detergent you want us to use! No matter your needs, our team will devise a tailored solution that suits your needs and budget.

Hotel Laundry Services

From dirty linens to soiled work uniforms, hotels can produce a lot of dirty items daily. So, request a quote from us if you need Forest City laundry services. Then, a representative will chat with you about your requirements so we can come up with a tailored plan.

About Us

The Laundry Room is a full-service laundromat in Forest City that offers tailored wash and fold solutions at the most affordable prices. Our facility is packed with the latest washing machines, driers, and other laundry equipment, making it easy for us to do large batches in one load. This means laundry gets done faster without sacrificing cleanliness! With our Forest City laundry services, you can enjoy your free time the way you want instead of spending hours in your local laundromat. We take great care of every item we handle. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing your clothes, linens, or curtains will be delivered back to you in perfect condition. The Laundry Room is always ready to assist whether you require wash-and-fold solutions for residential or commercial needs.

Laundry Pick Up and Delivery

Why We Are Disney Worlds Best Laundry Service

Contactless Delivery

You don’t have to be home when we come to pick up or deliver your laundry. Our Forest City dry cleaning service comes with a contactless delivery option if you have somewhere to be during the day. You can leave your laundry outside your home or apartment, and our trusty team will come and pick them up for you.

Modern and Functional Facilities

The Laundry Room maintains a modern and high-tech facility in Forest City. Aside from our state-of-the-art laundry machines, we have free WiFi, automatic sliding doors, comfortable chairs and complete air conditioning.

Loyalty Rewards

The Laundry Room has a loyalty program for those who pay using our app on Speed Queen. To get rewards, download the app, enter your payment information when creating your account and use it to pay for our Forest Laundry services. Every dollar spent can be converted to points you can use as free credit on your next batch of laundry.

December 6, 2022