Laundry Services Goldenrod

The Laundry Room is your trusted residential and commercial laundry service in Goldenrod. We offer free pickup and delivery for wash & fold services and full-service laundromats. Let us make laundry a hassle-free experience for you!

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Flat Rate Pricing

Look no further if you’re looking for budget-friendly rates for your laundry in Goldenrod. At The Laundry Room, we offer a flat rate per pound of laundry with free delivery service for a minimum of 15 pounds of laundry. We pick up your laundry, wash, fold and neatly pack it in clear bags and have it ready for delivery.

Bespoke Laundry Services

We understand that our commercial clients have specific laundry needs. Our laundry specialists have many years of experience providing bespoke services to suit any wash and fold requirement. We can also take on large volumes of wash loads while providing reliable Goldenrod laundry services, ensuring you get your laundry on time.

Free Pick Up and Delivery

We offer FREE Goldenrod laundry pickup and delivery services for all wash and fold orders. Our friendly and reliable drivers can pick up your wash load from your home, office, apartment, gym, or hotel. This service can be a huge benefit to busy parents, the elderly, and anyone who has a hectic schedule.

State-Of-The-Art Facility

We proudly offer top-notch services to our walk-in customers at our modern laundry facility. We help you save time with high-capacity washers and dryers that can get your laundry done quickly and efficiently. We have machines handling bulk laundry from two to eight wash loads.

Self-Service Laundromat

We understand that some customers want their laundry in Goldenrod done their way. Walk in any time at our clean and modern laundromat. You have access to state-of-the-art washers and dryers. We also provide free Wi-Fi to our clients. In addition, we also have a child-friendly waiting area for your convenience.

Commercial Laundry Services

Our team can accommodate bulk orders as we provide reliable Goldenrod laundry pickup and delivery services. Our skilled laundry technicians offer the best washing practices for different laundry items. We can handle anything from towels to delicate linens. You can expect expert care as we take your laundry as you need it.

Our Services

Contact-Free Pickup and Drop-off

When we pick up and deliver laundry in Goldenrod, your health and safety are our concerns. Our team provides contact-free deliveries and pickups in various locations, from hotel lobbies to your office’s front desk. Just specify where you want us to drop off your laundry items, and we’ll deliver them on time.

Health Club and Gym Service

We offer reliable Goldenrod laundry pickup and delivery for gyms and health clubs. We ensure that your towels, linens, and other laundry remain fluffy and clean. At The Laundry Room, we have industry-standard towel-friendly washing and drying methods, which help save you money on your investments.

About Us

The Laundry Room provides professional Goldenrod laundry services you can rely on. With over ten years of industry experience, you can depend on us to complete your laundry in no time. Our team caters to residential and commercial clients, using the latest state-of-the-art laundry technology to your advantage. Our fully air-conditioned facility has a fun kids’ area where you can comfortably wait for your laundry to get done. We have attendants who will assist you and answer any questions. We also provide walk-in clients with free WiFi. At The Laundry Room, our goal is to make laundry easier for our clients. Use our free app to schedule FREE Goldenrod laundry pickup and delivery services. We also offer flexible payment options, including Apple Pay, credit cards, and cash.

Laundry Pick Up and Delivery

Why We Are Goldenrod’s Best Laundry Service

Affordable Service Rates

At The Laundry Room, we offer budget-friendly Goldenrod laundry services. We provide flat rates for every pound of laundry. We provide FREE pickup and drop-off services for orders over 15 pounds. Check out our pricing schedule for more information.

Self-Service Options

Our facility has washing machines and dryers with varying capacities capable of handling two to eight wash loads at a time. This increased capacity allows our walk-in clients to do their laundry in no time. Our full-service laundromat is fully air-conditioned and equipped with automatic sliding doors, so you can comfortably wait for your wash load to finish.

Online Booking and Payment

Use our proprietary app to book pick-ups and drop-offs at your convenient time. You can pay through our app or Apple Pay. In addition, we give away reward points to all our loyal customers, which you can use as credits for your next order.

January 26, 2023