Employees Laundry Service

Trust our Orlando laundry service for an amazing employee perk

Employee retention is a big deal for businesses. How can you keep your people happy? While benefits like health insurance and PTO go a long way, more employers are choosing out-of-the-box perks, like free laundry service for employees.

Who wouldn’t want fresh laundry delivered to their doorstep? Our Orlando laundry service picks up, launders, and delivers your employees’ laundry right to their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I offer laundry service for employees?

How does employee laundry service work?

  • If your employee wants to participate in the laundry program, simply give us their address and pickup frequency. The Laundry Room handles the rest! We proudly offer free delivery and pickup, too. We launder your employees’ clothes in our state of the art machines and neatly fold and package them for delivery. The Laundry Room does pickups daily from 8 am – 12 pm and deliveries from 4 pm – 8 pm.

What are your laundry service prices? Do you offer bulk discounts?

  • The Laundry Room gives discounted pricing to employers in the Orlando area. We create a personalized quote for your business based on what you need washed, how much there is to wash, and how often your employees need service.

Am I locked into a contract?

  • Nope! You can start and quit whenever you feel like it. We’re happy to do commercial laundry service when you need it, how you need it.

May 30, 2020