Salons and Spa Laundry Service

We offer spa towel laundry service and more to Orlando businesses

You’re in the business of pampering customers, not laundering towels, smocks, and wraps. Fortunately, The Laundry Room is in the business of laundering all of your salon and spa linens.

We offer spa towel laundry service that gives both you and your spa clients the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Enjoy fluffy, clean towels without stressing over the laundry every day. The Laundry Room is your go-to Orlando laundry service for salon and spa laundry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your laundry service prices? Do you give bulk discounts?

  • The Laundry Room gives discounted pricing to commercial salons and spas. We create a personalized quote for your salon based on what you need washed, how much there is to wash, and how often you need service.

Can you serve all of my salon and spa locations?

  • Even if you’re not in our service area, give us a call. We pride ourselves on going out of our way to give great customer service at no extra charge.

Do you offer laundry pick up and drop off?

  • We not only offer pick up and drop off, but it’s free for all of our spa and salon customers! Fresh towels will appear at your doorstep like magic. Rely on The Laundry Room to make your laundry woes disappear for good.

Am I locked into a contract?

  • Nope! You can start and quit whenever you feel like it. We’re happy to do commercial laundry service when you need it, how you need it.
May 30, 2020