Towel Laundry Service

Nobody does towel laundry in Orlando better than us

Whether you run a gym, pool, salon, restaurant, or auto shop, The Laundry Room caters to your need for fresh towels on demand. Work with our local, dedicated team to get clean towels when you need them.

The Laundry Room treats your towels like they’re our own. We never wash your towels with other customers’ laundry and we always use towel-friendly washing and drying methods.

The Laundry Room will help you keep your towels sparkling white for many, many washes, saving you both time and money with our professional Orlando laundry service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pick up and drop off towels at my business location?

  • Absolutely! The Laundry Room offers free laundry pick up and drop-off for all commercial clients. Save yourself and your team the headache of doing laundry on-site. Rely on The Laundry Room to pick up dirty towels and deliver clean ones right at your doorstep.

How much is towel laundry service? Do you offer bulk discounts?

  • The Laundry Room gives discounted bulk pricing for commercial towel laundry service. We create a personalized quote for your business based on what you need to be washed, how much there is to wash, and how often you need service.

I need to wash more than towels. Can you help?

Am I locked into a contract?

  • Nope! You can start and quit whenever you feel like it. We’re happy to do commercial laundry service when you need it, how you need it.

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May 30, 2020