Vacation Rental Laundry Service

Orlando laundry service for vacation rentals

Orlando Laundry Service For Vacation Rentals

Need to wash your vacation rental sheets, linens, and more? Trust The Laundry Room as your local Orlando laundry service. Whether you’re down the street or across the country, our reliable and experienced team can keep your vacation rental laundry looking pristine
Wash and fold services are essential to the hospitality industry, especially for Airbnb owners and other providers of vacation rentals. These enterprises often have to deal with a huge volume of bulk laundry, which can be daunting. This is where a reliable commercial laundry service supports your enterprise. 
The Laundry Room provides an efficient Airbnb laundry service that you can rely on. We ensure that dirty towels, linens, and other bulk wash loads are washed, cleaned, folded, and ready for delivery the following day.
We also offer same-day drop-off services if you’re running low on the essentials. Schedule a pickup any time from 8 am to 1pm or 1pm – 6pm so we can have your laundry delivered as soon as 24 hours from pick up!

Laundry Room

Keeping Vacation Rentals Healthy And Clean For Your Guests


Partnering with The Laundry Room allows you to leverage over a decade of industry experience. Our laundromat is equipped with state-of-the-art wash-and-fold supplies and equipment with a capacity for bulk loads. In addition, we have facilities that have over 70 high-efficiency washing machines and dryers.

Here Are More Reasons To Trust The Laundry Room’s Vacation Rental Laundry Services:

  • Time-Saving Services: We are the brand to trust if you need an efficient Airbnb laundry service. We understand that running your vacation rental business requires much time and attention. We can help you better manage your time by handling the laborious task of dealing with laundry so you can focus on keeping your clients happy.
  • Efficiency: Our team at The Laundry Room has built a solid reputation for efficiency and reliability. You can rely on our vacation rental laundry services, especially if you have a laundry emergency. Do you need more towels and linens? Schedule a pickup using our app, and our staff can get to your premises quickly.
  • Consistency: We only use industry-standard detergents and fabric conditioners in The Laundry Room as we provide reliable vacation rental laundry services. In addition, we use approved wash-and-fold methods to ensure that all laundry articles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Our professionals handle all wash loads with the utmost care.
  • Cost-Effective Laundry Solutions: When you schedule an Airbnb laundry service, we will offer you the best rates so you can reduce costs and remain profitable.
  • We Keep Your Guests Happy: The Laundry Room has built a reputation for providing timely, efficient, and reliable commercial laundry service through the years. We understand that vacation rental guests can be critical sometimes. Our goal is to provide clean linens, towels, and other essential articles to the satisfaction of your customers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you give bulk discounts for vacation rental laundry services?

Yes! The Laundry Room gives discounted pricing to vacation rental customers. We create a personalized quote based on what you need to be washed, how much there is to wash, and how often you need service.


Do you offer a laundry service near me?

The Laundry Room offers laundry service to many vacation rentals in the Orlando area. Check out our About Us page to see if you’re in our service area. Even if you’re not in our service area, call us. We pride ourselves on going out of our way for excellent customer service at no extra charge.


Do you offer laundry pick up and drop off?

Yes! We’re here to make your life easier. We don’t expect you to drop off the laundry yourself. That’s why The Laundry Room gives our vacation rental customers free pickup and drop-off service. We pick up daily from 8 am – 1 pm and 1pm – 6pm.


Am I locked into a contract?

Nope! You can start and quit whenever you feel like it. We’re happy to do commercial laundry service when and how you need it.

May 30, 2020